18 Jul 2015
Tom Youngs Tour Blog - Tuesday 14th July

Rugby blog.

We started the day at 7:00 am on Wednesday 15th. We had breakfast at the Sydney central youth hostel which we had been staying at for the previous 5 days. At 9:15 we caught a ferry from the circular quay to manly. The journey was approx 17 minutes which was a nice journey compared to some others. When we arrived at manly we walked through the high street towards the beach where we met the manly surfing school instructors. We initially started with some team stretching then we learnt how to push off of the board and stand up. After a short time we went out into the water. Everyone managed to stand up at least once but everyone had several major wipe outs as the waves were huge. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time there.

After our time surfing at manly, we caught a ferry back to Sydney. We took the train back to the youth hostel then caught a coach at 2:45 pm to William Clarke college. When we arrived at the college we got paired with our hosts whom we would stay with the next few days. We can all truly say that the hosts we stayed with were all very friendly and welcoming.

Tom young.